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Thai Olefins Company Limited
Past Experiences : Embassy Freight (Thailand) company Limited has supervised andcontrolled the extra heavy cargoes.With has; -

Net Weight:
Project owner:
6,392 meters
6,200 meters
72,840 meters
535 mtons
Thai Olefins

Project from the Korean port up to the job site at Mapthaphut Industrial Estate at Rayong province. Good originated from worldwide and worth of goods around usd 600.00 million.

National Petrochemical Public Company Limited Project
Status : The project has already complement in 1993

Thai Co-Generation Company Limited Project
Status : The project has already completed in 1994

Pacific Plastic (Thailand) Company Limited Project
Status : The project consist of latex and poles plants which moved as from mid 1991 and ended by end of October 1992 goods originated from worldwide.

Khon Kaen M.D.F. Board Company Limited Project
Status : Shipments came from USA/Italy and Australia which worth of cargoes usd 18.00 millions.

Thai Ceramic Company Limited Project
Status : Completed Ceramic plants which worth around usd 42.00 millions

SCT Company Limited
Status : We handle day by day of the SCG group of companies for raw material, machinery and spare parts from worldwide.

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